Monday, August 20, 2007

Hey everyone....

Man, The more I talk to the Zacks, the more I get the feeling that they are just waiting on SHFF got no good reason. Like SHFF just doesn't care, and is looking for some reason to delay the game longer, after all, the game has been finished since november, and here we are waiting for it still.

SuperHappyFunFun looks to be holding Return to Dark Castle back for no good reason. It seems like every time I talk to the Zacks, they are just waiting around, and they seem less and less enthusiastic about it, as it gets pushed farther and farther away.

Let them all know, let them know we have been waiting and er are getting impatient over pointless delays, let them know it all.

Here are their E-Mails:

whazup (at)

mpierce (at)

joe (at)

And even the Zacks, let them know how much we care, let them know how much you want it.

Their E-Mails:

zmorris (at)

zblack (at)

I'm as tired of all this as you are, let's try again to do something about it.