Thursday, January 31, 2008

*ANNOUNCEMENT* Big news tomorrow, possible release!

News, news, news, news!

It's been a while since we heard from Zack Black, or Zack Morris for that matter, but this afternoon, Zack Black posted on the forum, mentioning a release date, but not speaking more then that. Additionally, he hinted that the final copy of the game has been sent to SHFF.

Don't throw anything at the computer screen yet, because later he posted a new topic, hinting at a "surprise" tomorrow, which will be a friday, and the first day of February.

First Forum Topic:

Second forum Topic:

Keep your eyes on this space!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Return to Dark Castle news, Finally!

After quite a drought of official news for some time, DuncanFanCoolDude, noticed that SuperHappyFunFun updated their site with new pictures, information, and the required specs to run Return to Dark Castle.

Not a bad update at all, in fact, almost the best update we could have asked for.

Still I hear you asking: "WHEN?"

Well, according to SuperHappyFunFun's site:

"This game is coming very soon for Macintosh computers."

LINK - SuperHappyFunFun

Tbone has noticed that the domain "" was registered by Zack Morris, THE Zack Morris.

At the moment, it is only a picture with the words "Yes it's done... Watch this space" and a link to Z Sculpt's site.

And a link to the forum topic discussing it:

Lego my Dark Castle - Shield Edition

After Destroying my last Lego creation, I started on another, and a few hours later, another creation was born, I give you, Lego Shield 4:

Lego My Dark Castle - Fireball Edition

After letting La Porta's new stay at the top of the list for a while, I decided to catch up on news, starting with:

A while ago, I made Trouble 3 in Legos, and people liked it. A few weeks ago, I received a lot of new legos for free, so I decided to dive in and make some more Lego Dark Castle.

For a link with Pictures, check the Link: