Thursday, September 13, 2007

More done to the Dark Castle wiki

I did a lot more work to the Dark Castle wiki, most noticeably, with the galleries, for levels, and versions of the games, and pages for each level and level path, go check it out!

Once again if anyone feels like it.. PLEASE DO HELP!

Lastly, for anyone reading this, someone asked me "Any insider news?", My reply? "Oh little things here and there, but I heard something small but good recently"

Still, you're looking for better news, I would say look no farther then this forum topic(With quotes from Zack/s!):


Anonymous said...

Awesome work with the Dark Castle wiki, man!!! :)

Regarding Return to Dark Castle, I think the Zacks are awesome (really, I do!), but honestly I have stopped trusting their constant assertions that we'll be hearing something soon, or something will happen "any day now." Seriously, they've been saying that for months (years really). Crying wolf, anyone.....?

I know it's probably all SHFF's fault, for being too nit-picky (especially if the game was 100% done last December?), but I'll get excited once (and ONLY if) I hear something concrete, and I can only hope that it will be in *this* lifetime.....

Jon God said...

WEll, Yeah, I know what you mean, and no, it's not their fault, they kept being told the same things we are, they're waiting just as much as us, and my my personal opinion, we shouldn't be waiting too much longer.