Sunday, October 28, 2007

They are still working on it..

Now, due to people blowing their top over from news that ends up not being as soon as it sounds, take this with a warning attached: Don't get to hyped up, it will lead to disappointment.

Blah blah, now that that is overwith...

Zack Morris:
"we ran into a bit of a bug we are working on today
it's minor, but we can't reproduce it, so hafta send version to SHFF and get responses till it's fixed
there are literally like 2-3 bugs left
and we are in final talks now about distribution and payments and stuff
can't go into details tho, but feel free to tell the forum
and sorry about the web page, we'd update it, but just don't have anything new to report
zack talks to SHFF about every day no
the last month has basically been explaining bugs and gameplay decisions to SHFF and checking them off their beta testing system
there have been some holdups, mostly becase SHFF is more about marketing and we are more software engineers
I'm 90% sure it will come out this fall
if it were up to zack and I, I'd say 99.9%, but SHFF has the final say"

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