Friday, February 25, 2011

Return to Dark Castle 1.4 on app store!


$4.99, too. Careful of the screenshots though, they contain spoilers.

No sign of the level editor, PC version, or iOS port, but a step at a time.


thayneq said...

I paid for the full version back in 2008, but after changing computers several times, I'm unable to get my copy to activate through eSellerate (garbage).

I emailed tech support, but they've been ignoring me. I hope they give me a free copy of the App Store version.

Jon God said...

I agree, eSellerate was horrible. Though, if you are still having issues, I suggest browsing, or posting on the Dark Castle Forums, as a lot of issues have been resolved there.

However, the $5 app store version contains no eSellerate, so it might be worth considering, I don't know how the upgrades from older bought copies will work right.