Sunday, July 29, 2007

Congratulations New Moderator! Guess who!

After the recent spam attack and the closing of the "Off Topic" section, and the ever approaching release of Return To Dark Castle, I knew I needed another Moderator, to help me keep things under control.

I held a Poll for people to vote on who they thought should be a mod, because after all, this is a community, and I will let them decide for themselves what they want. And so voting commenced.

And now that it's past midnight, so now we have our new Moderator, and I would like everyone to give a hand to our, and you newest Moderator:


I know, NO one saw THIS coming :P seriously though, may he help for a long time to come, and be there to help out those in need.

In following, if you missed them before, here are some of the recent additions to the forum:

• Users can now find this board through invisionfree's database under 'Macintosh'.

• 'User browsing this forum' section, and 'users browsing this topic' added.

• Users must now verify their E-Mail addresses manually, which hopefully will cut down on spam

• Behind the scenes prepping for new Moderator.

I still have some aces up my sleeves, so expect some other cool additions over the coming months :) I know, I'm too good to you.. jk.

Another thing to note, is that the "Off-Topic" is opened again, it may be a feeding ground for spam bots for a little while, so be careful, but feel free to use it now.

And lastly! There's one more thing, as a present to this forum, and blog, I spent some hours today working on this, and I think I will share it with you check it out here:

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