Friday, July 6, 2007

We all know it, and even the best of us fear it...

I am of course talking about the West Tower Wall, Featured in Beyond Dark Castle, and Return To Dark Castle, that level that had you shouting about how unfair it was that you fell in the dungeon on your 83rd try. But what is this level, and what makes this level so feared?

Looking at it right off the bat, we notice that most of the level is above a large pit to the dungeon, and there are many chances to fall into that pit. 

There is a mutant, that is willing to come out at just the wrong time to ruin your day.

Ah, yes the birds, they plague the other half of the level, making it difficult to jump from platform to platform, and impossible to beat the level without killing them.

Looking at all this one might say that this level is a nightmare, but looking upon it, I think that this level is ingenious, with many different skills needed to beat it, and a nice background to go with it.

I think that, despite the level being so darned hard, it was one of the best levels in all of Dark Castle So far...

Do people think that DC3 might have even harder levels?
Do people agree with what I said?
Please, post comments!


tbone922 said...

I'll be the first to post a comment here: I think there will be many levels that may be *at least* as challenging or more challenging than this level was. I'm really excited to see what they'll be!! :D

Jon God said...

I completely agree!