Thursday, March 6, 2008

6 days, sorry about that.

First off, I don't have any big news, but hey, it's been 6 days, so I'm hoping this will be good enough for now.

For one thing I have beat the game on beginner, and have managed to get 97%, but that last 3% is hidden to well for me to find... I am trying to beat the game on Advanced, but not being the best Dark Castle player, it is taking some trouble.

Now, I'm sure people are asking "Well, where is my copy?" It's true, you should have your copy, after all, I do. This story though, goes like so:

The game is done, and was all ready to be put up, but at the last minute, SuperHappyFunFun decided that it was afraid of mass pirating, and is considering putting on additional copy protection. Zack Black, is doing his best to convince them otherwise.

Zack Black said a few days ago that there was a good chance for it to come out within the week, though considering that there is only one day left in the week, I would assume probably next week.

Something else I seemed to have missed on the IRC chat, apparently someone from SHFF signed on, and was talking to people, letting them know that they want it out as bad as we do.. Well, I guess we can all hope.

Sorry I don't have more, or better news...

P.S: In addition, I would like to thank everyone for their comments, and remember, you don't have to sign up to comment, so if you have any questions, go ahead and leave a comment, and I will answer it.


Anthony said...

Great, frustrate the hell out of your eager customers; pirates always find a way around copy protection. How much $$$ is the game going to be, anyway?

Jon God said...

Yeah, I know, I have discussed this with some other people, I would think that most of the people that want to pirate it, will find a way to, no matter what they put in place. Also, it just makes life harder for those who are honest, and just want the game.

As for the price, I am not 100% sure yet, but the only hint I have is, the price listed on Macupdate:

I haven't confirmed if this is the real price yet, so for now, take it as rumor.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Hacker....Most of people in this blog want to retribute the develloper for this game..

busch said...

Hey jon,

I was playing the demo yesterday and switched it out of full screen mode. Actually had some problems with that, I couldn't properly switch between apps and my mighty mouse settings were reset. In fact, I had to wait for my character to die (for the game over) to regain any control to even quit.

Does this happen in your or anyone else's version?

Jon God said...

@anonymous: Are calling me a hacker, or...?

Anyways, it's not completely the developer's fault, in fact, in this case, it's NOT the developer's fault at all, so don't lay the blame on them.

@busch: Did you try pausing the game first(apple+P)? otherwise, during gameplay, you are not able to switch apps.

If that's not the problem, leave another comment.

Anonymous said...

Might point out to them that, for many of the people interested in this game, copy protection is a good reason *not* to buy the game. Why spend good money on something that quite likely will someday be unplayable due to an old and unsupported copy protection system? Especially for a game like this...face it, nobody's buying it for its cutting-edge technology. This is something I might very well want to dig out in ten years and play again.

I have no problem paying for the game, and have no desire to pirate it, but I want to be able to play the game on computers I own in the future as well. No copy protection system can guarantee that.

Other matters to consider are the cost of developing and supporting the copy protection. It is not a trivial amount of work to make one that works at all, and it is flat out impossible to make one that's unbreakable, or even just not massively inconvenient when it comes to moving between machines.

Jon God said...

This is the same point I, and others, agree with, and have been pushing to stop the additional copy protection.

Sadly, I don't think it has worked so far. :(

Anonymous said...

" copy protection is a good reason *not* to buy the game "
I fully agree !
Copy Protection is a nuisance for non pirate users.
And as copy protection is NEVER perfect...