Monday, March 17, 2008

It's been out a whole weekend, let's hear your opinions!

As you all know, Return to Dark Castle has finally come out last friday, and you've all had a few days to waste playing the game. So, I would love to hear your opinions on it.

So, hit up the comments, and leave your weekend impressions of the long awaited, Return to Dark Castle.


Greg Smith said...

I tried the demo. It didn't support the full resolution of my MacBook. Does the full version?

Jon God said...

Well, the game was designed for 640x480, so sadly that's all it supports, the only way they could have fixed this, is by redoing all the graphics in the game.

So, no, it doesn't, I'm sorry to say.

P.H said...

The Game is Awesome, i'm at 60°/ .
I love graphism effect like fireball who is just beautifull.
Sound ambiance all is perfect.
Soory for my english i'm a poor french guy^

Jon God said...

It's completely fine.

I'm glad you are finding it fun, because I loved it, and I would like everyone who could enjoy it to do so. :)

paleontoboy said...

You know, they say (at least in Spain) that sequels are never good. I'm certain that RtDC is one of the few exceptions to this rule.

I'm constantly amazed by everything in the game, and specially love the hint/puzzle stuff that you have to figure out (I was lying in bed when the obvious solution to the "visiting hours begin..." one struck me. I guess that's how Archimedes felt when he yelled "Eureka!"...)

daveb said...

I can't stand the timer limited entrances, but otherwise it's been a great ride. I'm using all my spare hours to get through, currently on Intermediate. Honestly I just can't play the game on 30fps mode, it just feels wrong. And I usually turn off the music until I go back into replays.