Monday, February 4, 2008

News from... Joe Williams?

It seems like forever since we heard anything from Delta Tao, probably because it's been almost a year since we heard anything Dark Castle related, yet tonight, he sent out an E-Mail, which read:

Delta Tao gave the rights to Dark Castle back to Mark Pierce, the
original designer, so Return to Dark Castle will be published by his
new company, Super Happy Fun Fun. When? We still don't know -- but
it's looking very, very close.

Check out this trailer:

Also, keep your eyes open for updates at:

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--Joe Williams
President, Delta Tao

So, take this as you will, it could mean that that game is really done, and that he's been asked to let people know through his mailing list.

Or, it could just be him seeing all the headlines lately...

Like I said, take is as you will...

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