Thursday, February 7, 2008

SHFF site, extremely minor update.

As I said in the title, there's been an extremely minor update to SuperHappyFunFun's site, which is now linking to some of the news articles mentioning Return to Dark Castle.

Like, I said, nothing major. But it's good to know that they are keeping tabs on what people think of Return to Dark Castle. :)

On a side note, this is the blog's 50 post. Congrats to those watching this blog, and keeping it alive.

Everyone reading leave a comment, and get a shout out in one of the next blog posts.


Thayne said...

I'm actually very new to your blog (read about it on TUAW a couple days ago) but I am one of the biggest dark castle fans around. You have no idea how many nights of my childhood was spent fearing that dreadful gargoyle's scream... Followed by the inevitable "whip-CHA...whip-CHA" sound after he boots you back to the dungeon ;)

I am so stoked for RTDC! I don't care what the price is, I'll pay double! But come on what is taking so long??

Jon God said...

Well, there is a small hold up at the moment, but at the latest, we are looking at a week or two delay, before release, I'd say. :)

Thayne said...

that is great news! I'm going to spread the word to all my geek friends at the engineering grad program :) this game is going to screw over my thesis

izdale said...

hey thayne,

Have you checked out the DC forum yet?

Congrats Jon on 50 posts!

Freed said...

I'm so excited to play RTDC, I have to pee.

Anonymous said...

Arrf I'm watching this blog , four or five time a day !!! Just waiting this incridible Dark Castle release^^

Please release it Mr Zack!!!!!

Hamishi said...

I cant wait! Thanks for the Blog, Jon, it's a great sources of info.