Saturday, February 2, 2008

Proof that DC3 wont get swept under the rug?

After the release of the trailer, I decided to go on a pilgrimage to all corners of the web, advertising it's existence. Here's what's come so far:

Not bad, I would like to thank every one of these sites and encourage you to keep visiting them, as they are great sites.

Now, as good as I did, I think that WE can do better, so I am asking for your help in E-Mailing these sites, in hopes they will run the story also:

Good luck, hopefully they will listen to numbers. :)

EDIT: I added another site.

EDIT: More sites picked up the story.


Anonymous said...

This is the best news of the Year!!!

Anonymous said...

The issue with the latest DC3 announcement is that we have heard this all before.

There have been several "we are done" announcements in the past resulting in no release. So I think it is understandable why these "news organizations" may be hesitant to publish another "we are done" message.

Now once the game is actually released and shipping, all of them should carry the announcement and if not, then let the email attacks begin...

Jon God said...

To the second commenter, there was the famous november E-Mail, along with all release dates they used to post.

However, it has fallen off the map for a while, true, now though, it really is close, with the final copy of the game sent to SuperHappyFunFun, and everything set in place, there is no reason it shouldn't come out this week.