Saturday, February 9, 2008

NEWS! Straight from the source

First off, the picture is a custom level made by Zack Black to show off the level editor.

Also, Zack Black was left us all with some news, so, I will go straight to the quotes.


Here's the latest news: SHFF has very thorough beta testers. DC3 is, and has been, extremely stable for about the last 6 months to a year. SHFF is finding little things like, say you use a morning star in the training to defeat the henchmen then die by running into a wall and restart the training while patting your head and rubbing your tummy AND you're playing on a Friday the 13th, then the training stops working and you have to quit back to the main screen, lol. I'm not knocking them for their hard work, it's great to have people who can find these weird little edge cases we never thought of, but that is what is actually delaying the game at this point. Let me be clear that MSP wants to release ASAP, as in today if it were possible. But they are going to continue to experiment and stress test until they are completely satisfied with it. In the supposed "final" build that was sent to them around the time the trailer was released, they found 13 of these little quirks. I fixed all of them and sent another build a few days ago, in which they uncovered 5 more. All of which were quickly dealt with. I sent them another build last night with all issues solved. They will test it on Monday at the latest.

The release is very close. It's NOT going to take another year. SHFF wants it out as badly as we (you) do. Stay cool all.

Level Editor news:

The level editor will likely be made available as a free download shortly after the game is released. Price is yet to be determined, but likely in the $20 - $30 range. Distribution is initially going to be download only, but SHFF is looking at boxed copies down the road if it sells well.

I think most of you expect that I never answer any of these because I've been hiding in a crack in the Dungeon for the last couple of years. I'm making an effort to play a more active role now.

You can customize wall / floor textures, stairs, backgrounds, just about anything except for items and enemies.

So, I'm sure everyone will be happy with this news. I know I was. :)

Now, as promised, a shout out to everyone that left comments before!

Thayne, you are stoked for Return to Dark Castle. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Izdale, I know you go to the forums and such, but I said I would give a shout out to everyone who left a comment, Thanks!

Freed, I'm right there with you, I can't see how anyone wouldn't be excited for DC3! Tahnks for the comment!

Anonymous, You may not have put a named down, but I'm glad you read this blog, and I'm sorry there isn't more news to share. Thanks for the comment!

Hamishi, Thank you! I'm glad some people are reading this, and Thanks for the comment!


P.H said...

Anonymous ve a name now!!!
Thx for ur blog....

Jon God said...

Glad you like it!

Thayne said...

hey also remember that a great way to test for bugs is release a version 1.0 out into the public (at retail price of course) and let people report in with bugs as they happen. This is a great way to squelch those corner case bugs that are very abstract. Since you seem to be very on top of wanting to release a perfect product, I'm sure that you'd make speedy updates when those bugs are found.

Just remember that in software development, sometimes perfectionism is detrimental to the success of your business. Often times it is better for both you and the consumer to release a product that is 98% of the way there and let it be a work in progress.

Just my $0.02 from one engineer to another.

P.H said...

Any Possiblity to become BetaTesteur for RTDC ???
It would be an honnor for many fans^

Jon God said...

I think at this point, the beta testing is almost done.

If they decided to set up more of a public beta, it would probably just make it take longer.

You'll be playing it soon, no worries.

P.H said...

I'm not worry !!
I'm just so exciting